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Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents can happen to anyone, whether you’re an office worker or a construction worker or anything in between. Workplace accidents can be difficult to navigate and you will need an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are protected. In cases of work-related injuries an employer generally has “immunity” from being sued due to a worker’s compensation defense. However, there are instances where an employer may be responsible for a work-related injury. It’s important to have an experienced work-related injury attorney to determine whether you have a third-party claim and protect your rights.

What is a third-party claim related to a work-related injury?

A third-party claim is a claim against an individual or entity other than your employer related to a work-related injury. For instance, if you’re driving as part of your employment and are involved in a motor vehicle accident, that may be a third-party claim. If you are working in a building and suffer a trip and fall as a result of a defective condition, you may have a claim against the landowner and/or landlord based on their relation to your employer.

In what situations may I have a claim against my employer?

There are instances where your employer may be held responsible for your injuries. If your employer intentionally caused your injuries they may be held responsible and cannot use the worker’s compensation defense. If your employer’s gross negligence caused your injury they may be held responsible. If you are an independent contractor and not an employee, the individual or entity you are working for cannot assert a worker’s compensation defense. There are instances where you may have a claim against your employer and it is important to have an experienced injury attorney to navigate your claim.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney for advice regarding your legal options.

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Work related injuries can be very complicated. As a result of your injuries you may be incapacitated from work, have medical bills and unable to go about your everyday life. It is important that you retain an experienced injury attorney to protect your rights and provide you the representation you need.


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